Request for private wiki

I would like to have my own private wiki to help me organize my Italian lessons


As indicated on we need from you:

  • description : give a brief description of what you want to use this wiki for
  • owner name : the name you have registered at step 1
  • wiki name : the name that will be used before to access the wiki. For example if you pick acme you’ll access your wiki with Wiki names are limited to 30 characters, lower cased, must start with a letter ([a-z]) followed by a letter, a number or a dash ([a-z1-9-]).

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I want this wiki for typing in what I have learned during my Italian lessions. I could use other tools, but since a lot of information is spread across different texts, I want to create links to quickly jump to a different article

ower name:

wiki name:


You can access your new wiki on

Enjoy !

Many thanks, Thomas!