Request for two small contrib extensions

I’d like to add two small applications to the xwiki-contrib git project:

  • application-ldap-cleanup - cleans up user profiles for users no longer in the corresponding LDAP
  • application-view-restriction-display - an UIX which displays a small lock next to the title on pages with view restrictions (for those who can view these pages only, of course :wink: )

Because these applications are pretty small, I think a Jira project and CI is not necessary (there are no integration tests for them anyway.)
They do have a few translation keys, but again I think it might be overkill trying to import them to

Any comments on this, or is it ok if I just go ahead and create the projects?

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I don’t fully understand the description but couldn’t this be some new module in ? I assume it’s manipulating xobjects which follow the specification defined in this project.

Apart from my previous comment, fine with me.

IMO we should always have a jira project (and CI). Unless you’re not planning to publish these extensions and keep them for yourself only (but in this case, they shouldn’t be on contrib I guess ;)) One rationale is that as soon as you publish them, users can raise bugs or improvement ideas. The CI aspect is to make sure that others can build them too (ie that they are building fine).

Of course I plan to publish the extensions as soon as possible. :wink: I just wondered if the gitlab issue tracker might not be good enough for them (which admittedly is not active for other contrib projects).

If there should be Jira projects for them, I propose:

  • “LDAPCLEAN” for the application-ldap-cleanup
  • “VIEWPERM” for the application-view-restriction-display (which I should rename to application-view-permission-display then.)

Then for the application-ldap-cleanup I could add them to the LDAP project, it is just that I expect them to have a different release cycle than the rest (maybe first several small releases for fixes/updates if people have interest in it and propose use cases not covered yet, and then a long time of inactivity until the XWiki version LDAP depends on is lifted to a version supporting the user-rename background job).

If it is ok to have such a small project dangling along the LDAP authenticator, I can add it there as well (no Jira project needed in this case, only a new component to the “LDAP”).

Oh, I did not fully read :-/

What the extension does is defining a scheduler job that looks for pages with an XWiki.LDAPProfileClass object and then checks if the corresponding user in the LDAP still exists.
If this is not the case, it removes the corresponding user profile page and optionally moves all “document creator”, “document author” and “comment author” entries matching that user to a (configurable) placeholder account.

I feel it make sense as a new module in

I added the application-user-cleanup as a subproject of the LDAP project in a PR:

so whoever wants can comment on it. If you feel you want to comment but have no time yet, let me know. Otherwise I will merge it at the end of the week.

Also I jumped the gun and added:

(just the project in git) to get this off my ToDo list, as I did not hear any strong objections. I can remove and maybe re-add the repo under a different name, if wanteed.
I can also add the Jira-project (I think), not sure about the CI and the possibility to publish the extension via (which I sure want to do to be able to have it visible on