Request for Wiki RUSWIKI


Please create a Wiki for me:
Description: XWiki Knowledge Base for the Russian community.
Owner name: SafronovYUA
Wiki name: ruswiki

Thank you!

Sorry for the delay, it’s done!

Enjoy your new wiki:


Thanks you!

Question: I cannot edit the fields “About myself” and “Address” in my profile, in the profile editing mode in these fields I get an error:

Failed to execute the [velocity] macro. Cause: [The execution of the [velocity] script macro is not allowed. If you’re rendered from another script.]. Click on this message for details.

So it should be?

Indeed… I’m checking it, will post back when I find something.

This is now fixed! Thanks for reporting

If you’re curious, the problem is because a WYSIWYG page was saved by a user that we removed from the proper groups and thus the page lost its scripting permissions…

I thought so. Checked, everything is OK!