Request free website for data science community

Description: Brazilian community wiki for exchanging content on data science
Owner name: WesleyAlmeida (
Wiki name: cienciadedados (we currently have the domain and would like to keep the approximate name record)

I cannot find this user account on

I created a demo instance called data science. For that, I registered with the user WesleyAlmeida, email, on March 9th.
Preciso fazer algo mais?

It seems to me you are mixing and XWiki Cloud - XWiki which are two totally different services.

Excuse me. I still get confused by the xwiki framework.
I registered on

You can access your new wiki on I also configured this wiki’s default domain to be from what I understood of your first message (but you will have to add a CNAME pointing to for it to work of course).

Enjoy !

muito obrigado pelo apoio e liberação. Tenho certeza que criaremos um ambiente maravilhoso para troca de conhecimentos.

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I just transferred the contents of the previous site to the new wiki. Thanks for the support.
I’m configuring the CNAME. Registration for the address, but when accessing the address, it is redirected to the address
I would like help setting up the CNAME in xwiki to target the homepage.
Another detail: the redirect is sending an unsecure connection message (error message ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR), saying that the certificate would be from a
can you help me?

I registered the domain “” (and not “”) since that’s what you indicated in your message. Which one do you want as default ?

Ha right, I forgot about that detail, there is currently no certificate generated for this domain (it’s not really something handled by XWiki right now). I will need to ask about that.

No domain server I can’t create a CNAME for the root domain, that’s why registered with the prefix www
I tested it a little while ago and both are taking to the same place. As you can see in the image below, when accessing, the domain address appears correctly, but the site that appears is from myxwiki, not the cienciadados

In the image, you are accessing (which was not registered) and not I just registered as default domain for your wiki (I was waiting for your answer).