Request to create a wiki for our team

please create a wiki for our elearning team :slight_smile:

Description: wiki-instance to evaluate xwiki and use it for documentation in our team
owner name: armin pagel
wiki name: wiki.ul
alternative wiki-name: elearning
2nd alternative: els

Thank you very much in advance!

You can access your new wiki on (you can also access it with the you requested, but the certificate does not support it yet. I asked to add support for “sub-sub domain” to our infra).

Enjoy !

The answer is “It’s not possible”.

So is enough, or would you prefer to associate your wiki to too ?

thanks alot for the xwiki-instance.
the name wikiul is fine, thanks!
and sorry for the late reply.


please remove our xwiki-test-instance.

Thank you!

And please remove my account from this platform.