Requesting a project: macro-three

Hi all,

I wanted to request a new repository on xwiki-contrib GitHub and a JIRA project for a contributed extension I wanted to work on. The details of the extension are as follows.

Name: macro-three
Description: A macro for loading and representing 3D objects on a canvas in an XWiki page. The macro will take a path to a 3D format file such as .obj, .gltf as a parameter and load the object(s). It will also have configuration options like width/height control, canvas background color and option for showing/hiding border. It will also be possible to load a file from the page attachments.

{{3D file="url/to/file.gltf" background="transparent" border="true"}}

(Let me know if the macro name cannot start with a number)

Following are my user details for GitHub and JIRA.

GitHub Username: 9inpachi
JIRA Username GinPachi

It would be great if the GitHub repository could be created today so I could work on it on the weekend. And also if I could know what wiki pages macro will serve as a good reference as per the latest development practices.

Peace and thanks. :slight_smile:


on it




Thanks @vmassol.