Research software hackathon on software identity and metadata -

Hi everyone,

I came across the following hackaton announcement in Edinburgh, October 15:

Because modern research relies on software, it is now a cross-cutting concern in research for multiple reasons, including communication, reproducibility, open science/open scholarship, and citation/credit. “Making software a first-class citizen in the scholarly world” is a one-day hackathon bringing together a large group of stakeholders who are actively working to improve the status of research software in the scholarly environment. We will discuss a variety of different approaches to make software identifiable, citable, reusable, and reproducible, and make progress toward a common understanding of the issues and toward a shared set of guidelines. During the hackathon there will be a few presentations about research software challenges and institutional solutions.

I was wondering if it could be of interest to the XWiki community to take part in it – or is it already via the Fasten research project possibly? We could consider mapping the research problems that will be presented and worked on there with the ones within XWiki processes and development, and discuss possible common research activities, what do you think?