Reset Password Email Once Change

Hi there! I’m here again…
I want to create an email will be sent once you have reset yout password, just for confirm it, but I cannot find the event or the place where I can develop it.
Can someone help?
Thnx in advance.


Easiest is probably to listen on XObjectPropertyUpdatedEvent related to property password on class XWiki.XWikiUsers.

Hello! Thank you so much for your quick reply. The problem is that is listening when password is reseted, so the confirmation email is being sending as same time as reset password email. I wouldn’t like to create an event, but it seems to be the only option, isn’t it?
Is there any way to get to the HTML forms?
Thank you in advance!


I’m not sure what you mean there: what’s the “reset password email” you’re talking about here? If it’s the first mail with the link to reset the password, then no it will never be sent at the same time as the event I mentioned above.

If you want to create an event it won’t be that easy as you won’t be able to do it directly from an XWiki page.

Sure it’s possible by modifying the velocity templates of your instance, but I’m a bit lost now: why do you want to access the html forms?