Restricting admin rights for child pages

Hi there,

We have assigned admin rights for our staff at the highest page & children level, as we want staff to be able to self-manage rights for most areas of the wiki and especially for the departments they lead. However, some staff would like to create sub-pages in some areas of the wiki that are more restricted (i.e., not all staff would be able to see them - this is one way we thought to get around not being able to create drafts). It seems that even if we explicitly deny admin rights and/or deny the view right to the desired restricted pages, all pages can still be viewed by all staff.

I’ve read the permission types guidance and it mentions that the xwiki administrator’s rights cannot be denied - I mistakenly took this to mean if admin rights were applied at the global level (or if the user was part of the XWikiAdminGroup) but I wanted to confirm this means that we cannot restrict any child pages to anyone with admin rights applied at higher levels? Is the only other way to achieve the desired restriction to apply admin rights to each individual page, not pages & children?