Rights to create a child page


I’m creating a technical documentation wiki, xWiki 11.6.

I have an “Editors” group who I want to be able to create and edit pages. Anyone not in Editors, I don’t want to be able to edit or create child pages. By checking “Edit, Delete, Admin” for “Editors” on the root page, I can deny edit rights to non-editors - so that works: But they can still create child pages.

How can I deny non-privileged users the right to create new pages in a specific page tree of the wiki, while still allowing them to view and comment?

I feel like I’m missing something obvious.




Are yo sure you set the access rights for the “Page and Children” and not just for the “Page”?



Yes, quite sure. (I just checked again). Even if I explicitly deny a user edit rights to a page and children, the “Create+” button is still there and active.



The Create button is not hidden because it is not limited to creating child pages. You can specify / change the location from the Create step. The Create button is the entry point to create new wiki pages anywhere in the wiki (where you have access). The create will fail of course if you try to create a page in a location where you don’t have the right to, but that happens after you specify the location and after you click on Create (to create the page not to open the Create step).



You’re absolutely correct. The overall effect is what I want (and expected); I was confused by the existence of the “Create” button (I expected it to disappear, similar to the “Edit” button behavior) but now understand the distinction.

Sorry to have done incomplete testing; thank you for sticking with me.

Thank you.