Ring application v1.0 released

Hi everyone,

Ring application, successor of Page Relations, is available in version 1.0. It is meant to ease the creation of specific relations between pages, by using relations such as: “is a”, “is connected to”, “has author”, etc. For example, it can be used to state that “[The Jungle Book] [has author] [Rudyard Kipling]” or “[Rudyard Kipling] [is a] [person]”. Pages can then be explored along the defined relations using the XWiki Solr faceting capabilities. It could also possibly be seen as an alternative way to program applications by focusing more on reusable properties rather than on classes.

Feedback welcome + cheers

Cool @slauriere! Thanks for working on this.

On https://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/Page%20Relations%20Application/ I see:

This application is obsoleted by the Ring Application from XWiki 11.10 onwards.

I don’t understand the relationship with the XWiki version. Does it mean that the Ring Application only works with XWiki 11.10 and if you’re on a previous XWiki version you need to use the Page Relations app?


Thank you for your feedback @vmassol. Indeed, the application requires XWiki 11.10, I’ve added a note on the Page Relations Application page in order to clarify that, let me know if it’s clearer indeed?

By the way there is no data migrator from Page Relations to Ring at the moment but such a migrator could easily get coded on request.

Ok I’ve now added that information to https://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/Ring%20Application/

EDIT: Noticed you had put it but in the wrong place (there’s a compatibility field for that, that is displayed at the top right inside the box).

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