Roadmap for XS 12.0

Hi devs,

Some roadmap proposal for XS 12.0 (already started).


  • Velocity Upgrade - Thomas (note: mostly done already)
  • Notifications: new scalable architecture investigation - Thomas
  • Size reduction of export with history - - Thomas
  • Page name strategies - Simon
    • Possiblity to validate page names with default or custom strategies
    • Add the possibility to automatically generate slugs for page names
    • Prevent creation of pages with “”/"" and “”"" in the name by default
  • Visual diff improvements - Marius
  • Investigate and make a proposal for in-line editing - Marius
  • Emojis in Wysiwyg editor - Marius


  • 12.0RC1: 20th of Jan 2020
  • 12Final: 27th of Jan 2020

Let me know if you’re ok or not ok. I’ll create the page on the wiki later today or tomorrow if all is ok.


Assuming everyone is ok, creating the wiki page :slight_smile:

Page updated at

@committers: please update the page by creating all the jiras and adding them to the page. thanks!