Roadmap for XS 12.10.1 & 12.10.2

Hi devs,


  • fix important bugs
  • stabilize the 12.X cycle by making sure that any feature started in this cycle is finished (this means has a good UI - when there’s one - and is usable and stable).

Leftovers from previous version (12.10):

  • Bug fixes + stabilizations - All
    • All devs to list planned issues here ASAP before work starts for 12.10.x
    • More issues can be added ofc but this list is the minimum to do
  • Finish inplace editor leftover - Marius
    • Show what page is being translated in inline edit mode (XWIKI-17284)
    • Notifications Macro content isn’t rendering when editing in-place (XWIKI-17323)
    • The view UI is not modified after saving when using the in-place editing (XWIKI-17593)
  • Continue LiveData work - Marius + ClementD
    • Bundle Live Data Macro in XS
    • Replace an existing Live Table macro call with a Live Data macro call
    • XWIKI-17904: Livedata Action Displayer
    • XWIKI-18044: Create a date filter for the Livedata
    • XWIKI-18045: Create a suggest filter for the Livedata
    • XWIKI-18093: The text filter should update the live data as you type
    • XWIKI-18094: Add support (configuration) for hiding the selection column
    • XWIKI-18095: Add support (configuration) for disabling (hiding) the ability to add new entries
    • XWIKI-18099: The previous / next page links should be disabled when there is no previous / next page
    • XWIKI-18100: The current layout should be disabled in the hamburger menu
    • XWIKI-18101: Advanced filtering: the preselected operator ends up as undefined in the live data query
    • XWIKI-18102: Create a boolean filter for the Live Data
    • XWIKI-18104: The “Likers” live data is aways empty
  • NGI #2 (CryptPad) - Manuel + Simon
    • Start implementation of Discussions
  • Weblate upgrade (time permitting) - Simon


  • 12.10.1: 14 Dec 2020
  • 12.10.2: 28 Dec 2020


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