Roadmap for XS 13.4

Hi devs,

Leftovers from 13.3

  • Document reference size limit workarounds - Thomas
    • manage discussions and proposals around more advanced ideas to go beyond the 768 characters limit
  • Continue LD work - Marius + Manuel + Clement - Note that the work was done but after the RC so will only be committed for 13.4RC1
    • XWIKI-18266: Improve the L&F of the live data macro (Clement & Marius to review and close existing PR)
    • XWIKI-18098: Push the changes to the server after leaving in-line (cell) editing (Manuel & Marius to review and close existing PR)
    • XWIKI-18097: In-line editing should work with the raw property value not the display value (Manuel & Marius to review and close existing PR)
  • FASTEN: Thomas
    • add even more analyzers in the FASTEN Maven plugin and hopefully start using it in the XWiki build (but currently blocked by a released of the fasten-core which is still only SNAPSHOT)
    • start working on a FASTEN extension to analyze installed dependencies and report FASTEN risks
  • Security issue Loading... - Guillaume C.
  • Finish reviewing and classifying security issues - Guillaume C.

New work

  • Thomas: BFD issues to close
  • Simon: Refactoring jobs don’t take into account wiki syntax in Macros (Loading...)
  • More LD work - Marius + Manuel
    • Replace existing live tables
    • Add new entry in LTs
    • Batch operations (batch delete)
  • Guillaume: BFD issues to close


  • All: BFD
  • All: Fix flickers


  • 13.4RC1: 17th of May 2021
  • 13.4Final: 24th of May 2021

Note: Not stretching it by one week more to have one more week for 13.5 in June.

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@committers: please edit it with the JIRA issue for each task.