Roadmap for XS 15.3

Hi devs,

XWiki Standard

  • Outstanding from past roadmaps:

  • New work:

    • Each dev takes several (from 3 to 5) security issues from:
      • Open blockers from Loading... (5 issues as of today
      • Goal: close the 5 remaining security issues in 15.3 timeframe ideally (note that two of them are listed in the outstanding issues part already).
      • Michael:
    • Caption overflow improvement - Manuel
    • Quick actions - Design and start scaffolding - Marius
    • Finish PDF export issues - Marius
      • Loading... (The data content from tables can be missing in the PDF export when exporting with Cover, TOC, Header and Footer)
    • Nice to have (BFD)
      • Loading... Large code macro can overflow in PDF export
      • Loading... Tables are not printed as in view mode when they have
        columns with absolute width
      • Loading... PDF Export of Right Box not at top of page, but at bottom
    • WCAG - Lucas
    • Allow choosing the authenticator at runtime - Thomas
    • Email notification “per app” grouping - Simon
      • TODO: add jira issue here
      • Restart design discussions and start API implementation

Contrib & Others

  • Outstanding from previous roadmaps:

  • New work:

    • Change Request:
      • Bad display of mention notification when mentioning in a comment - Loading...
      • Notification related to rebase are using the published title instead of the modified title - Loading...


  • All: BFDs on Thursdays
  • All: Fix flickers
  • All: With the time left, fix some critical/major open bugs.


  • 15.3 RC1: 17th of April 2023
  • 15.3 Final: 24th of April 2023



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