Roadmap for XWiki 12.7

Hi devs,

Here’s the proposal.

Leftovers from previous version (12.6):

  • Finish Page Likes - Simon
    ** Like Button + User Profile UI + Page Index LT with Likes + Notifications (scope limited to Page Likes for now, no comment Likes)
  • Local Extension Index - Thomas
  • Recycle bin skipping - Manuel(((
    {{jira id=“xwikiorg”}}
  • Finish leftovers for mentions - Manuel
  • Improve in-place editing - Marius
    ** Handle macros that don’t output anything( such as the id macro)
    ** [XWIKI-17284] Show what page is being translated in inline edit mode - JIRA (improve in general how page translation are handled)
    ** implement full screen mode
    ** enable office importer
    ** auto save
  • Automatic generation of PDF for the LaTeX exporter - Vincent?


  • Continue LiveData work - ClementD + Marius
    ** Editing/modifying the live data (adding and updating entries, adding and updating properties, batch actions)

Pushed to later (too complex):

== Dates ==

  • 12.7RC1: 24th of August 2020
  • 12.7Final: 31st of August 2020

I’ve already put it on Roadmap (

Please all committers review that page and for each assigned task, create the jiras if they don’t exist and list all that the jiras that you plan to implement on the roadmap page.

Thank you!

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Has now been implemented (we need a message to mark a thread as solved).