Roadmap for XWiki 13.10.1 & 13.10.2

Hi devs,

Main theme for 13.x


Content for 13.10.1/13.10.2

XWiki Standard

Specific issues to fix before the end of the 13.x cycle:

  • Bug: Finding and selecting a page when trying to add a link towards it does not work for a specific group of users when some exclusive rights are given to a different group on a parent page: Loading... - Marius
  • Less strict code verification in the reset password system: Loading... - Simon
  • Realtime - Marius
    • XWIKI-19156 - Bundle the real-time Wiki and WYSIWYG editors in XWiki Standard
    • XWIKI-19178 - Scroll position changes when the content of the Realtime Wiki Editor is updated as a result of a remote change
    • XWIKI-19175 - Leaving and rejoining the realtime editing session using the checkbox doesn’t work properly
    • XWIKI-19174 - Editing the same page with different realtime editors (Wiki and WYSIWYG) doesn’t work properly
    • XWIKI-19180 - In case of merge conflict choosing “Reload editors” won’t refresh the content
    • XWIKI-19181 - The autosave doesn’t behave nicely when a merge conflict occurs
  • Bug: XWIKI-19111: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError when uploading a larger size file in a XWiki packaged Jetty instance - ?
  • Security: Log in - JIRA - ?

Issues to be done on XS but for 14.x (issue needed for contrib extensions/others are listed below under contrib/others):

  • Image improvement - Lavinia, Michael
    • Lightbox for image in view mode - Lavinia
  • Implement caption support - Michael
    • Design proposal
    • CKEDITOR support
    • Adapt all renderers
    • Adapt the parser/block structure
    • Adapt the numbered content macro
  • Realtime Editing
    • XWIKI-19157 - Make the real-time WYSIWYG editor work in-place also

Contrib & Others

  • FASTEN - Thomas
    • XWIKI-19007: Propose to search for extensions containing a missing macro right in the error message (only for 14.x)
    • first module of the FASTEN XWiki Extension to report security vulnerabilities in installed extensions
  • Change Request Extension - Simon
    • Introduce a displayedAuthor in XWikiDocument - Loading... (only for 14.x)
    • Wrong author in history after a change request merge - Loading...
  • Replication 0.7 - Thomas
  • Paragraph Numbering Extension - Manuel
    • Migration to the new design choices
    • Loading... (Manuel)
  • Numbered Headings - Michael/Manuel


  • All: BFD
  • All: Fix flickers


  • 13.10.1: 13rd of Dec (2 weeks)
  • 13.10.2: 27th of Dec (2 weeks)

Roadmap page updated:

@committers: please update to add all the jira issues, assign them to yourself /+ set their fix version value.

Hello, do you know when to expect a patch version of the Xwiki update to 13.10.3. Or is it not planned?

Hi, it’s planned. You can follow the current status for it at:

It should get released in the coming 1-2 weeks (the usual strategy is to release bug fix releases every 2 weeks but sometimes we wait to have some issues closed before doing that).

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May I know what bugfix you’re expecting? (to verify if it’s already been fixed in there or not)

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Thanks, I don’t have a particular bug.
I was just thinking about updating now (to 13.10.2) or waiting for 13.10.3 to be released.

Hello, do you know some fresh news about plans to release 13.10.3 and 14.1 versions?


we’re checking to release 13.10.3 as soon as possible, so probably this week if everything’s going well.
For 14.1 you can check the dates on our roadmap page:

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