Roadmap for XWiki 13.10.1 & 13.10.2

Hi devs,

Main theme for 13.x


Content for 13.10.1/13.10.2

XWiki Standard

Specific issues to fix before the end of the 13.x cycle:

  • Bug: Finding and selecting a page when trying to add a link towards it does not work for a specific group of users when some exclusive rights are given to a different group on a parent page: - Marius
  • Less strict code verification in the reset password system: - Simon
  • Realtime - Marius
    • XWIKI-19156 - Bundle the real-time Wiki and WYSIWYG editors in XWiki Standard
    • XWIKI-19178 - Scroll position changes when the content of the Realtime Wiki Editor is updated as a result of a remote change
    • XWIKI-19175 - Leaving and rejoining the realtime editing session using the checkbox doesn’t work properly
    • XWIKI-19174 - Editing the same page with different realtime editors (Wiki and WYSIWYG) doesn’t work properly
    • XWIKI-19180 - In case of merge conflict choosing “Reload editors” won’t refresh the content
    • XWIKI-19181 - The autosave doesn’t behave nicely when a merge conflict occurs
  • Bug: XWIKI-19111: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError when uploading a larger size file in a XWiki packaged Jetty instance - ?
  • Security: - ?

Issues to be done on XS but for 14.x (issue needed for contrib extensions/others are listed below under contrib/others):

  • Image improvement - Lavinia, Michael
  • Implement caption support - Michael
    • Design proposal
    • CKEDITOR support
    • Adapt all renderers
    • Adapt the parser/block structure
    • Adapt the numbered content macro
  • Realtime Editing
    • XWIKI-19157 - Make the real-time WYSIWYG editor work in-place also

Contrib & Others


  • All: BFD
  • All: Fix flickers


  • 13.10.1: 13rd of Dec (2 weeks)
  • 13.10.2: 27th of Dec (2 weeks)

Roadmap page updated:

@committers: please update to add all the jira issues, assign them to yourself /+ set their fix version value.

Hello, do you know when to expect a patch version of the Xwiki update to 13.10.3. Or is it not planned?

Hi, it’s planned. You can follow the current status for it at:

It should get released in the coming 1-2 weeks (the usual strategy is to release bug fix releases every 2 weeks but sometimes we wait to have some issues closed before doing that).

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May I know what bugfix you’re expecting? (to verify if it’s already been fixed in there or not)

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Thanks, I don’t have a particular bug.
I was just thinking about updating now (to 13.10.2) or waiting for 13.10.3 to be released.