Roadmap for XWiki 13.9

Hi devs,

Here’s a proposal for XWiki 13.9.

Main theme for 13.x


Content for 13.9

  • FASTEN: Thomas
  • If fasten is released
    • Start using the FASTEN Maven plugin in the XWiki build (but currently blocked by a released of the fasten-core which is still only SNAPSHOT)
    • Start working on a FASTEN extension to analyze installed dependencies and report FASTEN risks
  • Progress converting LTs to LDs (best effort, once all other issues are done) - Manuel
  • LD Stabilization - Manuel
  • Security issues
    • XWIKI-18600 - Vincent
    • XWIKI-18850 - Manuel
    • XWIKI-16544 - Manuel
  • Realtime integration in XS - Marius
    • Merge the feature-netflux branch that includes the realtime Wiki editor
      • Refactor some of the wiki-page real-time services to REST services for improved performance
    • Cleanup and integrate the real-time WYSIWYG editor (rtWysiwyg) (Loading...)
  • (Contrib) Instance Replication work - Thomas
    • Readonly replication
    • Display a status of a replication page and allow forcing full replication
    • Discuss/design replication of change requests
  • (Contrib) Change Request work - Simon
    • Integrate discussions in change request:
      • Allow to chose the storage location by “application” - Loading...
      • Allow to start a discussion from a review - Loading...
    • Display a timeline of what happened in a change request - Loading...
  • Add the ability to annotate content located inside the HTML rendering macro - Lavinia
    • Loading...
    • Loading... (to be closed probably once the proposal is agreed to use a mixed approach where annotations are handled server side except for the HTML macro when it’s handled client-side)


  • All: BFD
  • All: Fix flickers
  • All: With the time left, fix some critical/major open bugs.


  • 13.9RC1: 18 of October (3 weeks)
  • 13.9Final: 25th of October (1 week)



The roadmap page has now been updated:

@committers: please edit the page with the list of jiras you’re taking for each task. Thx!