Saving a page without creating a new entry in the history

Hi all,

In some cases, for performance reasons, it is handy to modify a page without updating its history: for instance when a page gets updated very often, typically by a script, some performance issues may arise when viewing or editing the page, as far as I know (please let me know if I’m wrong).

Is there a simple way to save a page without updating its history? I’m aware of the “Remove Document History” extension, which retrieves the target page archive and removes some versions from it, but I’m wondering if there’s a way to achieve the same goal during the save operation itself.


You can control that using setMetadataDirty (and setContentDirtyif you modify the content) flag. Set it to false before saving and it will only update the current document without impacting the history. But you need programming right to do that.

This is done for example by some schedulers to remember when was the last time they were executed.

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