Scheduler - reindex solr every Xmin / new pages are not indexed

Hello Guys,
I’ve got the unfortunate task to create an scheduler job that runs every 15minutes a reindex. Somehow newly created pages are not searchable without a reindex. Can somebody provide me a script for the scheduler? Or can the problem above be troubleshooted?

Thanks in Advance!

Hello @BadBossy,

You can look in or, they might contain what you are looking for.

Maybe but we’ll need much for detail of you issue.

I can’t seem to find an matching snippet :frowning:

If somebody creates a new page in the wiki, the solr should add that page to the solr index. When I now search for the page name in the searchbar, I can’t find the newly created page. This is only possible if I start the “reindex” process from admin->search menu. Any more info you need? :slight_smile:

This process can take time (and is done asynchronously), did you check if the indexing queue is empty in the administration?
To do so, visit the Search > Search entry from the administration and look for the queue size field.