Seach bar always shown

Is it possible to make search bar on top always visible? not needing to press search icon to show it.

Hi. There’s no configuration option to always show the search bar that I know of. However, you could add a SSX containing the CSS to make it visible. See

I tried with JSX to remove globalsearch-close from html but no results…

String.prototype.replaceAll = function(string, replace) {
return this.split(string).join(replace);

var str = ‘<form class=“navbar-form globalsearch globalsearch-close form-inline” id=“globalsearch” action="/bin/Main/Search" role=“search”>’;
var result = str.replaceAll(‘globalsearch-close’,’’’);

There’re lots of ways how to approach it. For instance, if you want every load, the search filed to be active (already pressed). You can use simple JS code. Note that it will disappear after you click elsewhere on the page.

window.onload = function () {
  document.querySelector("#globalsearch > button").click();