Search bar suggest - configurations

Is it possible to change the configurations of the “search bar suggest” to search for phrases by as few as 2 letters ?

You can find a suggestion here Loading... . Look for __INPUT__* .

Thank you, but this idea doesn’t work for my suggestion

Does anyone perhaps know why I have to type the whole word for the suggestion to suggest a place ? Why, for example, after 4 letters of this word it does not suggest a location ?

Simply because by default the live search (from the top bar) doesn’t do prefix matching, It preforms a full-text “linguistic” search, where text is spit in words based on the locale and words are analyzed to extract the root word (e.g. remove plural ending, etc.). You can enable prefix search, following Loading... .

Works, Thank you for helping me with the problem.

Do we have the ability to set page priority ? If so, how can it be done ?

WDYM by “page priority”? In the scope of the search? You mean boosting some results? Solr provides some boost related parameters, The DisMax Query Parser | Apache Solr Reference Guide 8.8.2 , that you could set from the search suggest source configuration.

What I mean is that it wants some pages to be searched (search suggest) higher than others. How can I do this ?