Search only available for Admins?

I am new to XWiki, but it seems that only Admins have access to use “Programs”, so no standard user can search. I have tried Solr, Lucerne and Database. Nothing seems to work. Please help.

There is a search input on the top bar that is normally visible to all users. Are you saying that your standard users don’t see this input? Did you delete or move the “Main” top level page that appears in the navigation panel? The search feature is relying on some child pages of this Main page so if you did any changes there then there’s a chance you broke the search.

The standard users see the search bar but they get the error "Failed to execute the [include] macro. Cause: [Current user [xwiki:(user)] doesn’t have rights on document. They also cannot see the nav pane. Only admins can.

Also I have tried all of the combinations of the rights for groups and users, it’s has only come to an all or nothing switch between admin and standard. Admins have everything, standards have nothing, even with everything default.

Sorry still reading all of this, the search works fine for admins

This means you have set access rights that prevent simple users from accessing the wiki pages that provide the search feature. These pages are located under the “Main” page. You should check the access rights settings for this page and its children.

You are right, I figured it out. Thank you so much for your help! I am still trying to figure out how to “section off” different pages for different levels of users. Thanks!