Search "only by title", or "only by content " on XWiki

Is it possible to search “only by title”, or "only by content " on XWiki?

I tested Solr Search, but I have not found this option.

Can you help me? It’s really important for me.

Some examples may help:

title and content

title:WLAN                   documents with the word "WLAN" within the title
title:*AN                    documents with a word terminated by"AN"  ("wlan", "plan" ...)

doccontent:wlan              document with "wlan" in the rendered content
doccontentraw:box           "box"  in the raw content (e.g. macro calls and content)

search attachments:

attcontent:wlan              attachments with "wlan" in the attachment content







attauthor_display:"James Bond"

mimetype:application/pdf && attdate=[NOW-2DAYS TO NOW-1DAY]       all pdf files uploaded yesterday

special data               all commenty by the author XWiki.xwikiloginid

property.XWiki.XWikiUsers.last_name:*man*                           all users with "man" in the last name

Thank you for the answer, I have one more question, whether the examples you gave relate to the “database” or “Solr” search engines. I tested it on Solr, but unfortunately it doesn’t work.

I wonder if the problem is not the case of XWiki, which I have set in Polish