Searching part of a word via solr search to get (live) results

Hey guys,

first I have to say thanks für the great software you developed!
In Version 9.4 I have the problem that by searching a part of a word there is no result in live search or after typing enter. I.e. typing “sugg” there is no result of the pagename “suggesting something” even if there is a page named like this.

Is there an Option to activate this function? Because i remember years ago I installed xwiki, there was a function like this?

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Try using wildcards. e.g. sugg* without quotes.
For more details read this help guide and read the Solr manual on the Apache site, specifically the DisMax section.


You can configure the live search to use prefix matching ( but it’s not very performant (which is the reason why we don’t use it by default).

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