Section name for displaying non-standard rights

Hi everyone,

as part of I opened a pull request (XWIKI-17533: Allow to set custom rights in administration by surli · Pull Request #1644 · xwiki/xwiki-platform · GitHub) which introduces a new section in the administration to configure the rights that are not standard (or hardcoded) in XS and that are registered through our Security API.

My PR is almost ready to be merged, but there was some discussions on the chat about the wording we should use for the section name, there’s currently 3 main proposals:

  • Custom Rights
  • Extension Rights
  • Extended Rights

I’d like to merge this PR before the release of 13.5RC1, so I’m opening this vote for 24h, please cast your vote so that we can chose the right wording.

+1 for Extension Rights.
+0 for Extended Rights.

Not voting on Custom Rights as I don’t like it much but I’d like to avoid putting a -1.

I’m not a fan of “Custom” Rights.

I prefer “Extended” over “Extension” since it’s more generic and there is no reason for users to care about where those right are coming from (and some of those rights might not feel like they come from extension for many users) but if more people prefer “Extension”, then “Extension” it is.

It’s just that there’s nowhere a definition of what an Extended Right is whereas there’s already a user-known concept of what an Extension is and by deduction an Extension Right could be guessed to be a right used by an extension.

+1 for Extension Rights


I don’t like “Extension Rights” because:

  • to me it means “the rights that an extension has”, same as “user rights” means “the rights an user has”; it doesn’t mean the rights an extension / user provides; I would expect this section to allow me to restrict the rights (permissions) that an installed extension has on the wiki (e.g. to not allow a specific extension to read some pages)
  • extension related sections should be in the “Extensions” category

I’m not fond of “Extended Rights” either. What is an “extended right”? How do you extend a right? Do the rights listed in this section have more “features” than the other (standard) ones?

Honestly, I find “Custom Rights” the easiest to understand from the above, even if not perfect.

Some other proposals:

  • Additional Rights
  • Extra Rights
  • Contributed Rights

It’s hard to close the vote like that, so far I see:

  • Extension Rights: +2 (Manuel and Vincent), +0 (Simon, Thomas: right?), -0 (Marius, or is it a -1?)
  • Extended Rights: +1 Thomas, +0 Vincent, -0 Marius and Simon
  • Custom Rights: +1 Marius, +0 Simon, -0 Thomas, and almost -1 Vincent

I will use Extension Rights for 13.5RC1, but I leave the vote open for one more week to see if we can reach a more clear decision for 13.5. So don’t hesitate to keep giving your opinion, in particular on the new proposals from Marius. I personally like Additional Rights.

It’s more 0 or -0 for me than -1 since in any case this is temporary and not the target solution.

Additional to what? Isn’t that the same as saying that extensions can contribute rights (but in a less clear way since users won’t know to what it’s additional to)?

Additional to the standard (core) rights that you can manage in the previous section:

Additional Rights

It’s definitely not perfect but I don’t find it worse than Extension Rights.