Set Dashboard Application as Wiki Home Page

is it possible to set the default home page of a wiki to be the Dashboard Application somehow? I so far didn’t find any way. It always redirects me to something else or adds XWikiManager as prefix automatically.

Dashboard URL would be /bin/view/Dashboard/ …

any idea would be greatly apprechiated.

Yes, see

i did follow that already, I’m on version 8… I can set another wiki article as home without problem, but not the Dashboard-Application

Can’t help you if you don’t provide more details about what you did… :slight_smile:

What method have you used and if you changed the wiki descriptor what new home page text have you put?

ok, i did use the option in Administration -> Wikis -> Descriptor.

I had there “Main.WebHome” and it goes to my XWIki-Home. But when I change this to “Dashboard” then after save it is replaced with “WikiManager.Dashboard”. The link shows then “/bin/view/WikiManager/Dashboard” and is producing a “could not be found”.

Tried as well with other combinations like Main.Dashboard.
Dashboard app shows correctly however in browser if I use the path: /bin/view/Dashboard/

hope this is better information base now.

The reference to the dashboard page is Dashboard.WebHome


What this means BTW is that we need a Page Picker with autosuggest to be used for this field.

this works PERFECTLY. Thank you very much!!

So actually we are already using a page picker with autosuggest. The only remaining usability issues are:

  • The page picker should support hiding WebHome or presenting it differently since it looks technical and should probably not be shown to users.
  • Apparently Dashboard.WebHome is hidden and thus doesn’t appear in the suggest! Anyone remembers why it’s hidden?

I’ve created Loading... for the improvements we could do.