Setting favicon in look and feel doesn't work

I’ve made a custom color theme and have added the attachments as documented:

But the favicons on the page are still the xwiki logo

You can replace the files under your theme, and it will update.

Then I guess something is broken, since that’s what Ive done

Try under /resources/icons/xwiki

Do you mean I should edit the source code of xwiki to set the favicon? I don’t think that’s intended

Replacing the files in the installation. Tried to do it the intended way, but could’t get it to work.

I will reverse proxy the favicons to the “correct” favicons instead, but I guess it’s good to know someone else has issues doing it the intended way

Ah seems to me this belongs under the SKIN section of look and feel, not the color theme (which honestly makes a lot of sense, my bad). I’ve now added my favicons to its attachment page, and it seems to have worked! What wasn’t documented was that you need to add icons for a 144px one, and even an svg for it to replace all the possible favicons. Else modern browsers will just load the default xwiki ones.

I guess it would be nice if the documentation could be updated to include that

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