Several unavailable functions : programming rights?

I am working at the customer.
I did a program to delete attachment functionnal in my XWiki

#foreach($attachment in $doc.getAttachmentList())
$doc.getDocument().deleteAttachment($attachment.getAttachment(), $context.context)

But here the line is displaying without running

When I test I see the object Attachment


But when I test the line is displaying without running


The Release Plan for version is 8.4.4, I have not access at the version of API
(the line is displaying without running)


Do you have an idea ?

PS : I see $context and $doc but not ‘$context.context’, ‘$doc.getDoc()’ and ‘$doc.getDocument()’


This require the author of the script to have programming right, maybe that’s your issue ?


is this really something new, because it sounds a lot like a continuation of this thread.

So if you think it’s new maybe you should add more information to differentiate and help us solve the problem. Else you may want to update the old thread to preserve the “history” what has been tried so far.

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