Share pages between subwikis

We have been using xwiki for 6 months now, and we are super happy, thanks for the great job done on this.
Need some help for a use case.
We have set up several subwikis and we need to share some pages/children between some subwikis.

For example :
Subwiki1 contains a “section” (parent page) named howtos. This parent page evolves each day, by adding children pages or modifying content of existing ones.
I want to give acces to those pages in another wiki subwiki2. is using macro include, a good idea ? . By doing this, I hope to continue to manage the rights by subwiki, insofar as each sub wiki corresponds to a department, and therefore each user belongs to a department. Each user have to access only his department wiki.

Thanks for your help,
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Cool. Always great to see happy users :wink:

WDYM by access? Permissions? Permissions are given for a user or a group. We don’t give permissions to a wiki.

So if the current logged in user can see these pages in subwiki1 (i.e has the “view” right on them), then you can display them in some page on subwiki2 if you wish, or link to them, as you wish.

You mention using the include macro. You can also use the display macro. See their respective documentation for the differences. and

Hmm so you don’t want to give “view” permissions to the users of subwiki1 on these pages on subwiki2?

In this case the include or display won’t work since they won’t have the permission to view the included/displayed page.

So you need to give “view” rights (but you don’t have to give “edit” rights) on these pages.

Hope it helps.

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Thank you for your help.
I’ve tried to add a group with rigths on the parent page i want to share with the 2nd subwiki. Using display macro, i see my parent page in the second sbuwiki, but i did not manage to have the children pages tree from there. Is there any special rights to see this tree ? (I’ve added view and comment rights for the group on the parent page)

Have a nice day