Short URLs with Apache doesn't seem to work


As I am fighing against the issue at, I need to exclude urlRewriteFilter from the system to see if it makes a significant change.

We’re running XWiki 9.11.1

So I tried but results are not what we could expect:

  1. there is no reference to gwtrpc in web.xml, so we can’t “replace the existing map”. But does it means we should add it instead ?
  2. Even with completing all the others steps, if I go to a wiki root (like I got the error : Failed to extract the Entity Action from URL [] However, if I request for or it seems to work.

What’s missing here ?

No, the gwtrpc mapping was used by the old Google Web Toolkit based WYSIWYG editor. If you’re using XWiki 9.11.1 then the WYSIWYG editor is based on CKEditor. The old editor has been retired.

Thanks. And I did see you updated the documentation. Cheers !:grinning: