ShortUrl on tomcat9

Hey Everyone,

Still noobing along here with my first xwiki deployment, I’ve deployed the tomcat9-mysql wiki. and its accessible through

currently I’m trying to use the guide on xwiki as webroot app to change the site acces to , I’ve set the dns to point to the ip adress which works. However now I’d like to shorten the URL and remove the :8080 requirement.

I’ve tried doing the steps from the set xwiki as webroot app but am worried that they dont apply for Tomcat9 (the guide is for tomcat 7-8 and current situation described in the guide is different than my actual situation is)

Does someone have a (tomcat 9 ) guide as to what I should do to drop the :8080 /xwiki part

also a question for the UrlRewriteFilter guide , a step is to put things in the WEB-INF/lib folder, where can I find this WEB-INF folder if I’ve used the tomcat9/mysql .deb deployement?

Thank you in advance for any trouble to be taken

See :slight_smile:

I’m not an expert in the Debian setup but it should be pretty similar I think. What’s the problem?

Hey vmassol, apologies for the massive delay on my part - Ive found some time once more to work on this xwiki dream to be.

Full disclosure I started over and now got the url shorten tow ork, unfortunately it seems that I lost something in the process (Looks to me like there’s no stylesheet or something)

During installation I ran into a memory error (I forgot to allocate more mem. to java before initialising xwiki) … any idea how to solve this?