Show column only for specific user groups, or specific sites


Searching for days, I made no progress in this.
I just would like to know: is it possible to show a column (incl. application list) only to a specific group of users; OR is it possible to show the whole column (incl. application list) only on main-page?

I found out how to show applications only on mainpage, but the empty column was still there. Yes or now would be enough, I would love to know if i can quit googeling and reading through the documentation :slight_smile:

So what i try to do: establish different ‘view’ for different kind of users (for the beginning: admins und no-admins).

Thank you very much! Dankeschön!

You mean the left panel zone?

If so, it’s possible but by modifying a template file of XWiki.

It’s possible to do that anywhere you have a nested page, for that page and its children. So it’s possible to do that on the Main space for example.

Wow, thank you for being that fast! :o

Yeah, left panel zone. Okay, so maybe I will do that… somewhen :slight_smile:

Omg. Should have thought of that :frowning: I’m sorry!

Disclaimer: My it “skills” got old and are not that good anymore, I’m running an intranet for a medical society, being part of it. So I’m sorry that I couldn’t find out on my own.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Asking for the future: is it possible to find someone here, doing small adjustments for not that much money? (since we are a group of paramedis, emergency docs etc. and run this society on volunteering basis we don’t have huge funds).

I’d suggest you ask one the companies listed at

I know that XWiki SAS does this and they often do important rebates for non-profit associations, you could ask them.

Otherwise yes here is a good place to ask. Maybe some xwiki experts lurking around would like to help you out. But you’ll need to provide more details :wink:

thank you very much!
i will try to get as far as possible on my own, to ask as little stupid questions as possible :slight_smile:
and i need to sort things out: several different “construction sites”, would not fit into one topic atm.
i will come back to the forum :slight_smile: