Show count of subpages

Hi alltogether,
We have xwiki version 9.11.8 running on a CentOS7 with tomcat (I know we should update xwiki…). Our main menu is built with the document tree.
Now my question, is it possible to show behind each menü item the number of subpages? That the peoples dont have to open each item, to see there is no sub page.

Thank for your help


The document tree shows the caret to open a node only if that node has children. So if the user can open a node then that node must have children. A screenshot might help us understand your issue.

Hi, thank you for your reply. So I’ve created a picture with the document tree which is our main menu an behind each entry it should show the number of subpages(in red):

My comment was more for:

Nodes that are preceded by > have child nodes, so you don’t need to open them to check if they have children. Nodes that are preceded by a bullet don’t have children.

As for showing the child count, there’s no out of the box solution. You’ll have to customize the XWiki.DocumentTreeMacros page or create a custom tree as per .

hi mflorea, thanks for your reply. I thought there is maybe already a solution.
I will look further.