SHOWHIDE Macro Sometimes Inserts Rendered Duplicates of Content in Page in Wysiwyg Editor

Maybe anyone here has an idea - looks to me as if the SHOWHIDE macro is buggy.

I reported it at Xwiki Jira, but maybe I just did something wrong and someone reading here has a hint for me.

Affected Version: 2.0.1 (was not selectable in dropdown above)
XWiki Debian 13.10.2 LTS

I happened now twice while trying to insert / edit a SHOWHIDE macro that the macro seemed to have leaked its rendered contents into the page.

I.e. both times suddenly below the SHOWHIDE macro location an additional HTML macro was included below the SHOWHIDE macro which looked like the SHOWHIDE macros header, and the actual macroā€™s contents where repeated below this suddenly appearing HTML macro.

Iā€™m not sure how to reproduce it exactly, but it happened now twice during normal editing. I switched to Wiki Markup editing mode and threw out the extra stuff again, then it looked fine.

In additon, SHOWHIDE does not really play well with the inline Wysiwyg editor - after editing and saving the page, it does not work any more, a full page reload is required.

Is there any better maintained / more modern alternative for SHOWHIDE or any replacement recommendation?

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I noticed this happenning on the 14.9 also.
It happens when you open the editor and it shows both a line for Macro:showhide AND the rendered html code.

When you save the page (after doing some other edits) it seems the macro renders again and you end up with the showhide content twice.