Simple "Hello world" page

Hi, we are using xwiki for a while as our company’s memory. We migrated from OS X Server wiki.
Our employees have learned how to create and edit pages. We have the idea to allow them to create plain pages (e.g. landing pages) in separate XWiki for marketing purposes. But we have a hard time explaining to them how to make a page without the typical XWiki elements: top menu bar, drawer al all, breadcrumb etc. We can only turn off the Panels, or set to ‘no’ every item in Presentation…
What is (and is there any) a way to create a XWiki site with no frills, just “Hello world” and nothing else?

Hi. You’ll need a custom skin for that ( ). Note that the xwiki dev team currently only maintains one skin, the default one you get with XWiki.

Example of web site skin provided by a user (not maintained and probably not working well anymore):

This is quite simple: just customize your current skin and in the view.vm template simply type $doc.getRenderedContent():wink:

See for more details

Hi, thanks fro quick reply. I’ll follow skin topic. :slight_smile: :upside_down_face:
Stay in touch.

Hi again. And thank you again. Al things works well. One question: what is the proper way to duplicate skin ?
I followed :
So I duplicated skin folder with a new name but it doesn’t appear in wiki administration.
Any ideas ? Cheers, Darek
If I set “$doc.getRenderedContent()” how can I get access to editing this page? Have I comment this line or there is some shortcut os so?

AFAIK there’s currently no skin picker in the Admin UI. You need to enter your skin name which is the skin directory name (replacing the default XWiki.DefaultSkin name).

You can also create a skin in a wiki page. You can copy a skin page to duplicate an existing skin.

You cannot! I was answering your question:


If you need to some existing parts, you can just not remove everything form the default view.vm template.