Site Wide Announcement Banner


I’m looking for a feature where I can have a banner at the top of all pages, so an administrator can display important announcements to all users such as server maintenence, page updates etc. So far, I’ve searched for keywords like site wide announcements, banners, notifications and couldn’t find anything useful except the link below. I was wondering if it is an outdated answer and if there are any solutions to this currently? I am on XWiki Debian 12.6.1

How to display Banner at top of pages

Hi, indeed was outdated. I’ve now updated it.


Hi, thanks for the quick response! I got it working thank you! Any chance WYSIWYG editor can be used for it? Otherwise I will just make do with writing the content in any page’s WYSIWYG editor and copy over the source.

Just checked and seems we force it to be TEXT and not WYSIWYG. I see the following comment in the code:

// The content property supports wiki syntax, but it uses script macros most of the time.

You could change that in your instance by going to http://localhost:8080/xwiki/bin/edit/XWiki/UIExtensionClass?editor=class page and change the editor for the content property. You could use “—” so that it defaults to the user default editor.