Size of format selection box in WYSIWYG

is it possible to extend the size of the format box? As the screenshot shows, it takes another click (every time) to identify the heading size (is it size 1 or 2? 3 or 4?), because it cannot be fully displayed in standard box size in German. The word might have a few chars to it, but this should be possible. The vertical bar cannot be moved.


Hi. I don’t know if the size is controllable but a quick workaround would be to change the translation to be smaller. See Writing Internationalized XWiki Applications (

I think these are the translation keys:

core.edit.wikiToolbar.h1=\u00DCberschrift 1
core.edit.wikiToolbar.h1text=\u00DCberschrift 1
core.edit.wikiToolbar.h2=\u00DCberschrift 2
core.edit.wikiToolbar.h2text=\u00DCberschrift 2
core.edit.wikiToolbar.h3=\u00DCberschrift 3
core.edit.wikiToolbar.h3text=\u00DCberschrift 3
core.edit.wikiToolbar.h4=\u00DCberschrift 4
core.edit.wikiToolbar.h4text=\u00DCberschrift 4

Note that this would be a workaround since we need a proper solution implemented in XWiki. Feel free to raise a jira issue at CKEditor Integration - JIRA

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Thanks @vmassol! I will take a look at your JIRA.

Fyi. [CKEDITOR-473] Size of format selection box in WYSIWYG - JIRA

Thanks. Could you indicate the version affected in jira please?

Hi, see CKEDITOR-473, I cannot match with β€œ13.5”