Skip page edits in browser history

Happy New Year All,

I would like to stop all “page edit actions” from getting logged in the browser history so that if a user clicks the back button after saving a page you don’t go back to the editor.

I’ve done a bit of Googleing but can’t find anything useful.

Any ideas?



I guess it is not possible, because editing a page is using a different URL than viewing a page. And the idea of the browser history is exactly to record URL changes. The browser history is also only exposed read-only to pages (which is a good thing), so not even a script could help you in this case.
So I would say that you either have to live with it or you may need to use a product that is not using a different URL for viewing and editing. But normally you will find quickly that being able to link directly to almost “everything” is a much more valuable asset than having to click back only once. But YMMV.

OK, thanks rbr.

I suppose I was wondering it some kind of redirect could be used, but never mind.