Slow Dashboard Macro


I am using XWiki 10.4, MySQL with all recommended indices. Since this version is already a bit older (but I did not find the time to upgrade) I am not opening a ticket but asking my question here.

I am experiencing very slow loading times (>= 10s) for pages that are instances of the Dashboard macro. Further analysis using glowroot seems to reveal the cause - a huge load of sql queries within the transaction.

select target0_.eventId as eventId33_0_, target0_.value as value0_ from activitystream_events_targets target0_ where target0_.eventId=?    10,781.9ms total 	59,101 times 	0.18ms per query 	0 average results
select activityev0_.ase_eventid as ase1_33_, activityev0_.ase_requestid as ase ... is null) and activityev0_.ase_requestid=? order by activityev0_.ase_date desc    6,492.3ms total 	3 times 	2,164.1ms per query 	19,700.0 average results

I am not sure why that many queries are done (first one 59k queries) or why the second query results on average in 19.7k results.
We are having around 8k active documents and currently (after cleaning) 37k deleted ones I don’t really want to purge just yet.

I am hoping that this problem might have been addressed already in a 11.x version, however, I am not going to upgrade before next month. If this problem is still existing I hope to provide some insight which leads to fixing the problem.

Any comments appreciated and thank you for any help!


Hi Johannes,

Yes, we fixed a lot of performance issues related to Notifications in more recent versions. We highly recommend that you upgrade to the latest LTS or to the latest release (11.4). So it’s very likely that your problem would be solved by upgrading.

Hope it helps and sorry for the problem you’re facing.

PS: You’re using a not supported version (10.4) from the open source project POV (see ).

Thank you very much for the information - that’s a good incentive to update soon. :slight_smile:

I am marking this as resolved for now and come back if the problems persist.