Small adjustment to LTS announcement process

Hi devs,

Right now, on we have:

We announce the new LTS (N.10.x) once N+1.0 is released. Rationale:

  • We need to have feedback on a release before it can be considered super stable and thus we usually need a few bug fix releases before a version can be considered a good LTS. This gives us one month to release additional bugfix releases for N.10.x in case it’s needed.

Since we now have 2 bugfix releases planned in December before EOY, I propose to change the strategy to always announce the LTS at the end of the year, once N.10.2 is released.

I consider that 2 bug fix releases is enough to call it LTS as a general rule. In the event that we’d find a blocker we’d release a new bugfix release quickly.



Fine with that. It just means there won’t be any stable branch in that timeframe but it’s OK.

yes, no stable but a super stable during the month of January, which is ok indeed.