Smoothly tidy up recycle bin with retention?

Is there any way I can delete all documents in the recycle bin that were deleted more than 30 days ago, without deleting them one by one?
I see the option of deleting all documents at once, but I’d like to keep deleted documents for a while before permanently removing them. I could delete the older documents one by one, but that’s a lot of clicking for a regular job.

I thought about setting in xwiki.cfg, however that keeps me from deleting something both permanently and immediately, a feature that I also need.

Any idea?

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It’s an issue for me too. Would like a solution for that.

What definitely does not work: choosing a time range and then hitting the “Delete all”. Don’t do that. This empties the whole recycle bin at all.



we have a ticket related to that issue for a while now: Loading... honestly I’m surprised it hasn’t been implemented yet but it mostly mean that nobody offered to sponsor it yet so it never been a priority in our roadmap…

I work in a company that, by law, is unfortunately not allowed to sponsor or donate, no matter how much. But I can at least use some of my working time, for example to maintain translations of the wiki or to be helpful here in the forum occasionally for the wiki community.