So what should we do when a new translation is being introduce in XWiki Standard

Hi devs,

It’s currently easy for a contributor to start translation a totally new locale (as in there was not a single translation for this locale before in XWiki Standard) on In the old days of the previous implementation of someone had to create a Jira issue to request the addition of a new locale but these days it goes pretty much unnoticed. While this is a nice feature technically it also has some consequences: adding a new locale is not always as obvious as starting providing translations for it and some features simply won’t work for that locale if they are not aware of it, a recent example of that is

So I started a checklist of stuff that should ideally be covered before we can say that a locale is properly supported by XWiki on SupportedLocales (Community.L10N.SupportedLocales.WebHome) - XWiki (please look at it and don’t hesitate to add stuff I missed or things for which you know more and would like to add more details). We actually already have problems with some of the currently “supported” locales (like that I mentioned above).

I would like to propose the following:

  • in all pull requests created by Weblate we include a message linking to the supported locales pages requesting to make sure if a new translated file is actually a totally new locale from XWiki standard point of view
  • we have to pass the checklist (which sometimes means modifying stuff in XWiki) to apply the pull request

In most cases there won’t be anything to do to support the locale, but some will require a bit more digging, and we can discuss pro and cons of accepting it despite some limitations (for which jira issue should be created) in extreme cases.



+1 but note that right now only one PR is created for any translation change in weblate for a given repo. It means that if you have a new language added in a middle of translations performed for existing locale you won’t be able to apply any of the translations until you fixed things for the new language. I don’t think it’s a blocker since it shouldn’t happen very often, but it’s something to know and maybe to improve later.
Now all this also enforces the work I want to do to provide translations on all supported branches: at the very least the changes made for supporting a given language as part of the checklist of SupportedLocales (Community.L10N.SupportedLocales.WebHome) - XWiki should be done in all supported branches, since the translations are then committed in all supported branches.

Yeah I know, basically my point of view is that we will do the required changes ASAP.

Yes definitely, I should make it a bit more explicit that the checklist need to apply on any branch on which the translation will end up.

Sounds good. +1


+1, Thanks

Since there does not seem to be anyone voting against it, I did the following:

Sounds good to me. Thanks