Solr advanced searches - is there any documentation?

Does anyone have a pointer to documentation for advanced solr searching from the search bar? I have not been able to find any documentation.

For example, if I want to search for “word NOT otherword” or “word1 AND word2”, where can I find the documentation that explains how to build more complex queries?

Basiclly, I have some very “fuzzy” searches for information I am not quite sure about, and being able to refine my searches using an advanced syntax allows me to quickly narrow down results.

Any pointers welcome. Thanks.


see: SOLR documentation

The following contains a snapshot from our search documentation. I hope it helps.

The key words (in upper cases) AND OR NOT build logical expressions.

Instead of AND or OR the operators && or. || may be used.

simple examples
*cret secr* use of "wild cards" ("*") or ("?")
The question mark represent 1 character, the asterix severals.
Wild cards can be used with numbers 2020* or 2020?01 i
one two three finds all with "one" or "two" or "three"
This is the same as
one OR tow OR three
Phrase search
"one two three" finds all "one two three" as an exact phrase
+black +white finds only, where "black" and "white" are preent
This is the same as
black AND white
black && white
black +white
+black +white -red finds all with  "black" and "white", but without "red"
20190322 searchs a complete numbers
201903* searchs a number starting with "201903" followed by any other characters
201903?? searchs a number starting with "201903" followed by 2 other characters
2019??22 searchs a number starting with "2019" when 2 other characters and "22" are following
ä ö ü Beside ä ö ü the characters a o u without accents are found too.
Authors of documents
creator_display:"Albert Camus" finds documents created by "Albert Camus"
creator:xwiki:XWiki.camus123  result in the same, if "Albert Camus" XWiki user id is "camus123"
creator_display:Albert        finds at least documents created by "Albert Camus"
creator_display:Camus         finds at least documents created by "Albert Camus"
creator_display:Alb*         finds at least documents created by "Albert Camus"
with the same possible variations:
author_display:"Albert Camus" finds documents changed by "Albert Camus" at last
Key words for some indices
title:WLAN finds all documents with titles containing "WLAN" as word
title:*AN finds all documents with e.g. "WLAN" or "PLAN" - words ending with "AN"
spaces:sports finds documents mit  "sport" as complete word in the space (path), but not "sports"
example with wild card
spaces:sport* finds documents with words in the space (path) starting with "sport"

further interesting keys:

doccontent:WLAN finds document with "WLAN" as word in the document text
doccontentraw:errorcode finds documents with "erorrcode" in the document raw text, that means macro code is checked too
attachment search
+attcontent:problem +attcontent:corona finds attachments with text containng "problem" and "corona" (hint: pdf- and office files are searched too)
filename:*doc finds attachments with file name ending with doc
Hint: Use filename:"*.doc" not filename:*.doc 
mimetype:application/msword finds Microsoft word files
mimetype:application/ms-excel finds all Microsoft excel files (".xls")
mimetype:application/*sheet finds all Microsoft excel files using the new format(".xlsx")
filename:*xls? finds all Microsoft files with the extensions "xlsx" or "xls"
mimetype:application/pdf findet alle PDF-Dateien
mimetype:image/* finds all images
mimetype:image/png finds all images with png image format
attauthor_display:cam* finds all attachments uploaded by a user whose name contain a word starting wird "cam"
attauthor_display:"Albert Camus" finds all attachment uploaded by "Albert Camus" (Hint:The space requires quotes!)

date and time

mimetype:application/pdf && attdate=[NOW-2DAYS TO NOW-1DAY] finds all pdf-files uploaded yesterday
date:[NOW-2DAYS to NOW-1DAY] finds all documents changed yesterday
date:[2020-12-01T00:00:00.000Z TO 2020-12-02T23:59:59.999Z] finds all document changed first and secord december 2020

time specifications:

NOW or *  now is "now"
-1DAY  -7DAYS  -2MONTHS  -2YEARS  translate the date / time
rounding the date/time  
  /HOUR   round off to the beginning of an hour
  /DAY     .. day
  /MONTH   .. month
  /YEAR    .. year
Hint: All key words need upper cases
search in property of user or wiki classes  
example: search in comments finds all comments from user "camus123"* finds all comment from users with ids starting with "cam"
property.XWiki.XWikiComments.comment:error finds all document with a comment containg "error"
property.XWiki.XWikiComments.comment:"mail error"  the same as phrase search for "mail error"[NOW-1MONTH/MONTH TO NOW] comments written in the last month
search own classes* finds all documents containing a private class with the name "MyExtraClass" and a property "info" ... the same, but the property must contain "important"
property.XWiki.JavaScriptExtension.code:require.config finds all document with javascript extension containing "require.config"" 
property.XWiki.JavaScriptExtension.parse:true finds all documents containing a javascript extension which will be parsed by {{velocity}} 
property.XWiki.WikiMacroClass.code:email finds all document, containing a macro definition with a macro name "email finds all documents, containing a macro with  "width" parameter

YES! Thank you!

That’s exactly what I was looking for.