Solr search - number of letters


I use the Solr to search and I would like to change the search method.

now searches for a word based on the number of characters.
a I am looking for word “translator”
when I’m looking word tra or tran or trans or transl or transla or translat do not have the result
when I’m looking word translator or translato or translat have the result. What is good.

I need to change to search for shorter words as well.

I just do not know if it’s possible. If so, what file?

I found that if I enter at the end of the word *, the search works.
But I do not want to add star, alwyas.

How can I edit the solr, to find shorter string?


Prefix matching is not supported ATM unless you use the wildcard, e.g. “tran*”. Solr matches your search keywords with tokens from the Solr index and ATM we don’t index word prefixes. See the comments on .