[Solved] Page editing - hide the page information panel? (Doh!)

I’ve just noticed that the page information panel that appears on the right of my screen when editing a wiki page takes up space I could use for editing a wide table.

Is there any way that I can toggle that panel so it doesn’t take up such a huge amount of space when I don’t need it? Or does anyone know of a theme that hides it?

My apologies if the answer is obvious, but I wasn’t able to find anything obvious.

I would prefer if I didn’t have to edit the wiki template files if possible.

For those who don’t know what I am talking about, it’s this panel:

Just replying to myself with my quick fix.

I added the following css to the advanced css settings for my theme:

#body.hideleft.panel-right-width-Medium .main {
    width: 100%;

That causes the right column to be pushed below the editing panel. It’s not as ideal as a toggle for the panel, but it serves the purpose for now.

Hi. First you could use the full screen edit mode by clicking the full screen button.

Second you could try controlling the right panels content, see Display Side elements only partially? - #5 by vmassol


You mean this maximize button right here? The one hiding on the editing toolbar in plain sight?


lol :slight_smile: