Some blogs are no longer displayed on the widgets


I am coming to you because of a problem I discovered, but I don’t know when it appeared.
My first problem, which has been solved, was that the blogs when we clicked on them, they were not displayed anymore. It was returning this type of text: “com.xpn.xwiki.api.Object@”. After a lot of research I finally understood where my problem was coming from, the “Blog” plugin was not installed anymore.

After installing it, the blogs were accessible again without this message. The problem is that when I go to my “Blog” page which has a function to display all of them, in order of publication, the only ones that appear are from 2017.

I tried to create a Sandbox page to try to figure out the problem. Here is some information with screenshots:

  • This is how my blogs are structured: So we have sub-sections with each department and we can create blogs in each of these sub-sections. The Blog homepage (Blog.WebHome) uses a widget to display the blogs of all these sub-sections.

  • You can see my sandbox page which contains articles from 2017 while in my “Quality” section, I have a recent blog from 2021

Code of the sandbox page:

{{blogpostlist blog="Blog.WebHome" params="displayTitle=true|useSummary=true" layout="image" limit="20"/}}
{{blogpostlist blog="Blog.WebHome" published="yes" layout="full" layoutParams="displayTitle=true" limit="10" /}}


Does anyone have any idea where the problem might be? I think that the “blogpostlist” function does not take into account the child pages.

I just found the solution to the problem, I deleted my old widget and created a new one with the widget named “Blog post list”.