Some improvements for L10n


I’ve created some tickets on Jira about it. I’ll briefly describe all of it, with some reference to the problems already reported during the Japanese translation process.

  1. Core Resouces are must-have translations for each language
    f this section will be translated. Honestly, 70% of the complete translation has already been done. Not another, the most used words are here, and thanks to the occurrences, it will highlight the same words for AWM and CKeditor, for instance. See XINFRA-372

  2. Occurences
    There’re lots of them in Core Resouces. It takes about 5-7% of the whole string. However, it is based on 100% string equality (letter to letter). Much better to transform to lowercase or capitalize behind the scene, what’ll provide more occurrences. See XINFRA-369

  3. Suggestions
    Mine thought on it, only this type of translation must be. Without “Save and Continue” or “Save and Stay,” no direct applying translation from users. For instance, it can be enabled only for users after completing the suggestions for Core Resouces. That will prevent unwanted translations; right now, anyone can type anything and save it as a translation. Also, see XINFRA-370

  4. Deprecated strings
    It might be deleted or must stay, depending on what it’s. Parts of speech. For instance, prepositions don’t have to be separated from words. If they are, they will leave with the original.

  5. Difference between translations
    The original text was changed after a while. But translations are not. Some translated strings are longer now than the original. See XINFRA-371

Hi Nikita,

thanks for providing some feedback on that part.
Now you should probably check the documentation of Weblate itself (Weblate Documentation — Weblate 4.15 documentation) as we’re using the standard Weblate platform with no customization. Some bugs you reported might be configuration of some components, but I believe some of them might be missing features on Weblate, in which case you should report it to Weblate directly.

I’m note perfectly sure what you would mean by this, but I assume this is one of the issues reported on XWIKI-20363.