Spaces missing out in migrated confluence internal page links

Here is my migrated page, you can see the spaces all left out during migration,


Here is the confluence page,


Integration Testing link is redirecting to create. Also i have checked in entities.xml file where the xml is fine.

Looks like


Related bug has been closed, i have updated the extension version, but still am facing the same error i was reported.

Make sure all Confluence related modules are 9.1.6. Try to restart maybe to be really sure the old implementation hasn’t been kept somewhere.

Yes, i almost upgraded the version to 9.1.6 and restarted apache tomcat server. Still the problem remains.

Can you notifiy the location? i will remove it manually?

I meant in memory. If you restarted then it should be OK.

Trying on a fresh instance of XWiki on my side with the packages you provided in the Jira issue.

So on a fresh instance I can confirm I don’t loose the white space before or after the link with the package I used for the test. The fix I wrote was for links containing ri:page, ri:space or ri:user elements. Maybe yours are different ?




After fix:


After fix, space before was fixed, but space after still persists. Also checked the XML, where the source looks like this,


Could you create a new jira issue with a package so that I can debug exactly what more I need to workaround in the white space cleaner ?


Indeed, seems to be related to the CDATA which is an invisible element in HTML. Need to hack something for it to be taken into account as plain text by the cleaner.