Starting all the wiki instances at startup


When I restart my docker of XWiki, I would like that all the wiki are up.
Is there a config option for this ?
(I have done a loop that GET the main page of each wiki until it’s successfull).

Thanks by advance.
Camille from (Rennes - France)

No there isn’t ATM.

Yes you need to do that if you want to “pre-load” them.

Another idea would be to write a java component as a listener listening to ApplicationStartedEvent and finding all subwikis and calling their home pages. You need some dev skills for that though.

I have done that in PHP (as FusionForge is writtent in PHP). I get the wiki list thanks to REST after the main wiki is up.
If the wiki is not up with REST you will get a HTTP code 503 for a request concerning this Wiki.